-Former students college application to Princeton university- 1. Tell us about a person who has influenced you in a significant way.   “The first person who comes to my mind is Cole Liniak, a former MLB player. I met Colethrough a friend when I was looking for a batting coach because I was having troublewith my swing. It was typically very hard to get a lesson with Cole as he was veryselective who he worked with. One of the first things Cole taught me during our firstlesson was to swing the bat in a way that felt good to me, not all the angles, powermeasurements, and various other instructions most hitting coaches advocate thesedays. Cole would tell me it’s natural for each player to swing slightly differently. Thereis no one right way. You can’t force your body to do something it isn’t made to do. Ilearned a helpful life lesson to just be yourself instead of trying to be perfect and fit intoother’s visions. You need to work on improving yourself in a way that fulfills your ownvision, not someone else’s.Over the course of our first year working together, Cole began inviting me to specialclinics he was running for the best players from the region. I am going to be honest. Idon’t understand why but, out of all those other boys who were more talented at baseball, he chose me to really focus on. I guess he saw something in me that I didn’tknow was there.Cole became more than just a coach; he also became my mentor and friend.  Hestarted inviting me to family events with his wife and young children and we evenstarted mountain biking with some of his buddies. Before school we go out for earlymorning swims and yoga classes. When he and his family went out of town he evenlent me his car (his “baby”) which was the first car he bought brand new. It reallysurprised me given I had just gotten my driver’s license the week before. He texts mejust to check in, and Cole is always willing to help with whatever I need.I have learned so much from this man. Not just baseball tips, but real-life lessons onhow to live your life and be true to who you are.  Over the past three years I have cometo realize I want to be a man like Cole. Someone who loves his family, is loyal to hisfriends and true to himself. He doesn’t have a sports car or live in a mansion becausethose are just things. I’ve never seen anyone more liked and respected than Cole. Heis the kind of person who is always in a good mood, willing to talk and hear others’stories and genuinely connect with people. When I go places with him, it’s like walkingwith the Fonz on “Happy Days”, someone who everyone smiles at when they see him.I never would have thought one man could impact my life so much and in so manydifferent fields… beyond just baseball fields. I realize how incredibly fortunate I am thatCole chose me to mentor. I hope I too can pay-it-forward one day when I’m an adultand be a positive influence in a young person’s life. For the past two years, in a smallway, have been trying to do just that. I started offering sports clinics for local gradeschool kids during school breaks to help them get ready for rec league soccer and LittleLeague baseball. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know these little guys, trying to teachthem some basic agility and athletic skills while at the same time instilling in them manyof the life lessons passed down from Cole.” -Ryan L
“As a former MLB player, Cole doesn’t just teach the skills, he coaches on the fundamentals and attitude as well…..and, KEEPS IT FUN! Cole turned my less than confident next-door-neighbor in to a shining star (which can be noticed on the baseball diamond) and helped [in turn] boost his self esteem at school. COLE IS AMAZING!! Parker looks forward to 2 BIG things week-to-week (EVERY WEEK) and that’s his baseball game (and practices) and his training with Cole!!   I am so glad that I referred Parker to Cole Liniak and I am very impressed with the results.THANKS COLE!!!” — Kevin P
“Cole is very patient and relates well to his students. In addition to teaching my son the fundamentals of batting and fielding, he encouraged our son and gave him the skills to be self reliant in the batter’s box. I highly recommend taking lessons with Cole to anyone.” — Leslie S.
“I have 3 boys (8, 5 and 1). My 2 older boys are playing baseball and just yesterday used Cole for the first time. Funny thing is, I came across his business card at 5 Tool Athletics in Carlsbad. This was the first time I have ever used private baseball lessons. I am very happy we did since both my boys were very happy on the ride home from training last night. My boys were both engaged during the whole 2 hour training session which is awesome for a parent to see. The first session was mostly hitting which the boys loved. Cole took his sweet time and made sure my kids were not only paying attention but also having fun. Cole was excited and engaged during the entire training session. He also gave me pointers and tips for when we are at home. I am forwarding his contact information along to my friends whose kids are also playing baseball. Cole deserves this 5 star review since he crushed it out of the park with my kids. I can appreciate his work.” — Christian K.
“I had the pleasure of coaching high school baseball with Cole Liniak at San Dieguito Academy. Cole’s experience as a professional baseball player were in full effect from day one. His overall knowledge of hitting, base running and defense intricacies of multiple positions helped us tremendously as did his positive relationships with the kids relaying those coaching points.” -Jack McDowell ,Former Cy Young Award Winner
“My 16 year old son has been working with Cole Liniak for almost 3 years.  During this time, I have seen Cole evolve into much more than a baseball coach. He is a mentor and an amazing role model.  Cole spends time working with his players on more than just baseball skills. He focuses on understanding the game of baseball and becoming the best team mate a player can be.    Cole takes the time to attend his players games, taking notes and making observations on individual player needs. Equipped with this information, he amends the coaching sessions to address any issues he sees and enhances the player’s strengths.   His level of communication is outstanding, from player update emails, texts and if needed, direct phone calls to explain a scenario in more detail. For anyone looking for a baseball coach, I highly recommend Cole Liniak.”-Rodrick D.