Package #1 Baseball Basics and Tools


In this course we will learn to master the fundamentals needed to become a great athlete. These drills provide us with a mental and physical basis to build upon in later videos. Here we will learn about the basics, including balance, body control, rhythm, timing, focus, and attention—all of which are essential in baseball. Using these techniques will make us more athletic and better at baseball right away, and they will help us to be exponentially better down the road.

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  1. tckoda (verified owner)

    This course was so informative! My son LOVED this program! He is totally inspired to keep working hard on these drills to be a better player! Thank you so much for this!

  2. Jeff Chalfin (verified owner)

    This course is awesome. Great whole body and mind approach. My son loves the drills and is already seeing a difference in his performance. Highly recommended.

  3. rockyd4 (verified owner)

    What a great course! I love how they are set in real life using real accessible tools, no need for expensive over the top training equipment! My son loves the videos presentation and stays engaged the whole time. They are billed as baseball basics and tools but the lessons learned and workouts can be applied to all sports…Great for multi sport athletes like my son.

  4. Frank Candela (verified owner)

    Getting instruction from a former big leaguer, with enthusiastic passion about teaching and giving back to our youth, BaseballAccelerator and Cole Liniak is one of the best baseball instructors of today. The incredible amount of return of investment you will receive from Cole’s service will last a life time for all involved.

    ~ Frank Candela

  5. Leah

    My son is so excited to learn from Cole!

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