Baseball is the greatest game in the world. Having played this game at all levels for more than 30 years, and now having coached players of all levels for more than 10 years, I have observed an increasing need for young athletes today to have a program they can trust and fully commit to. For this reason, I’ve designed the Baseball Accelerator program to teach players how to elevate their game play by incorporating our specially designed mental and physical habits into their own individual training program.

Successful players are ones who are constantly adjusting, challenging, and competing with themselves. This, in turn, builds a foundation of confidence in which to elevate their skill set, and advance their play to each new level. Baseball Accelerator allows young athletes to sustain growth by enabling a progress cycle of confidence-building, through consistent application of our unique mental and physical training over time. When players are trained to put in the work and to understand the mental and physical aspects of their own game, they accelerate their level of play. In my experience, building this type of balanced foundation is the only way to unlock one’s potential to become a great athlete, and play at a high level.



Cole LiniakBorn and raised in North County, San Diego. I grew up learning the game of baseball, and finding myself as an athlete. Working both hard and smart, I earned the great fortune of being able to play in both the minor and major leagues, as well as internationally. I am humbled and honored to be a member of the prestigious Major League Baseball Alumni, of which there are fewer than 9,000 of us (including current MLB Players). As one of just 1,732 players to have ever played for the Chicago Cubs, I have had the rare opportunity to work with, and learn from, many incredible mentors along the way.  Through my life experiences on and off the field, I have learned to see the game of baseball through a different lens. My approach to elevating performance in baseball is holistic, focusing on body and mind.  

Having played professionally for over 10 years, and mentored/trained players at every level, I have a true sense for what is going on in this game. I use my life and professional experience to teach my players specialized knowledge that they can carry with them through their baseball experience and beyond. Baseball is all visual, all mental and all physical. I am passionate about the mind/body connection that is the key component of my teaching process. Balance, body control and being centered are the starting point. By teaching the physical aspects of baseball along with the mental/holistic aspects, I create a well-rounded structure to help your player play this game the longest he/she can and at the highest level possible.  To be a consistent baseball player, you have to be a consistent person. It’s about the student/athlete habits. The way you take care of yourself.  The way you train, eat, sleep etc. My training and mentoring is so much more than building athletes. I work to help my players reach their highest potential both on and off the field. 

I’ve settled down in my home town, started a family, and am committed to sharing my knowledge with athletes in our community who are genuinely seeking more. I enjoy spending time with my family,  and am an avid reader who is constantly absorbing new knowledge and incorporating it into my mentor/training program to further assist my players in reaching their highest potential. Over the years, I realized that this game is like infinity, you will never know it all, you will only learn and grow. By encouraging a strong work ethic, helping to build a player’s character and teaching life skills, I work to instill high-performance habits that a player can carry for life.